Why we don’t sell some items by Konga


Sim Shagaya, CEO Konga.com, a leading online store in Nigeria

Sim Shagaya, CEO Konga.com, a leading online store in Nigeria

Ibrahim Olukotun

29 June 2013….


Konga , an online shopping firm said its strict adherence to quality assurance was the reason why it does not sell certain range of products. Joseph Onuorah, Vice President, Logistics made this known recently in Lagos during the facility tour of the company.

According to Onuorah, due to storage requirements of some products the company has put on hold sales of such products until it has developed the required storage requirements.

“Though 80 to 90 percent of our current product categories do not require specialized storage,  we are slightly limited in the categories of merchandise we carry at the moment until we develop a broader range of specialized storage system in the warehouse”, Joseph says.

Joseph further observed that the company, as a matter of policy, cannot compromise quality standards which he described as “highest quality standards”. He noted that this was the compass to enriching consumer experience.

He however said that the challenges of storage specifications for those range of products will soon be addressed in the weeks ahead as the company is developing a ‘HVAC/cooling systems that is capable of carrying broad temperature required for the range of products’.

Joseph also said that apart from the internal quality assurance mechanism, suppliers of products to Konga conduct periodic checks on the firm’s storage facilities to ensure that the quality integrity of their products is not compromised.

“All our suppliers have a robust HACCP program which includes at least an ISO 9001 quality certification where they conduct routine audits to ensure our storage meets their basic requirements. This is the only way we sustain these partnerships with such reputable brand names we carry”, he adds.

When asked how the company handles products with short shelf life like groceries among others, he said his company does not sell any product that is a month to expiration and also most of these products are ordered on request.