OPINION…Tambuwal Shocking Revelation: Now You Know Tinubu Is A Dealer Not A Leader, By Dabira Olorunfemi

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, APC National leader

A keen and discerning political watcher in Lagos would not be shocked by the uncensored revelation by a former speaker of the House of Representatives and current governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Tambuwal in a recently published piece in Vanguard Newspaper where exposed how All Progressives Leader Bola Tinubu dealt treacherously with him and others.

I would not doubt Tambuwal’s account a bit of how Tinubu deceived and backed out of gentleman agreements on how principal offices in the National Assembly will be allocated when the APC won the 2015 elections.

That scenario vividly captured the stock in trade of Tinubu – dealership

Tinubu’s antecedents in Lagos and national politics point to the fact that he is never a leader but a dealer.

Many still recall with nostalgia how Tinubu relegated the older Afenifere chieftains who piggybacked him to power in 1999.

For the records, late Funsho Williams convincingly won the governorship ticket of the Alliance for Democracy but the leaders of the party, late Chief Abraham Adesanya and Chief Ayo Adebanjo gave him the mandate ostensibly in appreciation of his support during the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO struggle.

The tussle for the AD Lagos State governorship ticket in 1999 was between Late Funsho Williams , Late Wahaab Dosumu and Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu in his characteristic and Machiavelli style staged civilian coup against these Yoruba elders that brought him into limelight and overthrew their structures in Lagos elsewhere.

By 2003, Tinubu had garnered enormous fortune and poked hands in the eyes of his benefactors.

He damned them and told them to go to hell.

Ironically, Tinubu who resisted advisory of the Afenifere elders is today complaining that stooges he enthroned were not kowtowing to him.

Tinubu is only afraid of his nemesis.

He is scared of facing grand humiliation he subject his Afeniere benefactors.

But God is not unjust, whatsoever a man sows, the same shall he reap. It is a matter of time.

Today, Tinubu through his unconstitutional Governor’s Advisory Council is haranguing Governor Ambode anyhow.

The GAC has become a formidable extorting gang.

We learnt they intimidate the governor and cart away billions of naira. That is the legacy of Tinubu.

The above confirms why Tinubu is morbidly afraid of any of his successor building political structures across the state.

He knew if he could use the political machinery of the Bola Tinubu Campaign Organisation (BATCO) in 2003 to defeat a top aggrieved NADECO and Afenifere chieftain, Ganiyu Dawodu who ran against him on the platform of Progressives Action Coalition (GAC), the same feat can be re-enacted by a politically strong stooge.

That was one of the sins of Akinwunmi Ambode. Tinubu plays God and wants to rule forever.

Dawodu was an astute supporter of late Funsho Williams . He supported Williams against Tinubu in 1998/1999 .

In his bid to hold on to power forever, Tinubu bastardized the cherished ethos and values of Yoruba people by compromising and weakening every institution with ill-acquired money just to beat everyone to line for his political interest.

He compromised the media, the judiciary, security agencies even the revered royal institution.

So, many of us in Lagos are not shocked by the Tambuwal expose. We know he cannot not be trusted!  Tinubu is full of deceit.

The same so-called leader would promise over ten political associates and protégés governorship at the same time in one state.

I understand that one of the aspirants in Lagos in 2015 organized a thanksgiving party after Tinubu told him, ‘You are the next governor!’

The naïve politician was busy spending his savings consulting stakeholders across the state before he knew that the chief priest had also promised numerous  others of governorship.

That is Tinubu’s nature —  double-speaking and outright deception.

No leader worth his salt will be undermining the democratic institutions with reckless impunity just for selfish gains.

Like an emperor, he put fire under the feet of Governor Ambode through the impeachment move he ordered the Lagos State House of Assembly to start and yet he emerged from his hiding as the peacemaker between the warring Legislative and the Executive arms of government.

The height of ungodliness and immorality is to be acting as agent provocateur behind the scenes at the same time masquerading as peace maker.

Tinubu has further exposed the forty-member Assembly as his castrated lackeys whose independence and vibes depend solely on him.

Pronto, like a primary school pupils, loquacious and spineless raging Lagos Assembly members recoiled into their cocoons.

Unfortunately, the Assembly is peopled largely by half-illiterates and those who procured certificates.

The chairman of the Assembly was a wristwatch seller at the popular Oshodi market before he found himself in politics.

I am sure if Olorunnibe Mamora was the speaker of the Assembly, Tinubu cannot turn him to pawn in his political chest game.

Lagosians could as well shutdown the Assembly and sack its incompetent occupiers and elect Tinubu as the sole legislative institution since he has the final say on every legislative business of the Assembly like the Alpha-Beta, a tax firm linked to him which was inputted into the Lagos Land Use Law.

In Lagos, Tinubu imposes questionable characters on the people without contemplation of competence.

In Somolu Local Government Area of Lagos, Tinubu imposed his tailor, Gbolahan Bagostowe as the chairman of the council.

The illiterate tailor had field day as council boss and fumbled all through his tenure.

Tinubu sacrificed a competent Senator Gbenga Ashafa for his field marshal, Bayo Osinowo(AKA Pepper) who is said to be grossly inept.

A strategic important state like Lagos needs a quality representation in the red chamber not someone who is manifestly lacking in capacity and character.

What could Osinowo point  as achievements at the Lagos House of Assembly where he had been warming the chair since 2003?

He only lives large on the jumbo monthly running cost of the Assembly which he corners huge chunk and perpetually holds on to the House chairman of Lands , the most lucrative committee in the House.

If elected, Osinowo will pair Senator Dino Melaye as exotic automobiles freaks.

Osinowo cruises luxury Bentley as Lagos Assembly member.

In the same vein, the political thugs who were recruited from the ranks of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW had been compensated with political offices and patronages.

They have taken over Local governments in the state.

In Mushin Local Government, Tinubu gave the slot of the Vice-Chairman to a known lord of the park, Taoreed Farounbi, popularly known as Baba Alado.

The veteran thug gave the slot to his personal Assistant, Tunbosun Aruwe, who is also career thug.  Aruwe is the current vice-chairman of Mushin.

One the daughters of the Lagos State Chairman of NURTW , Tajudeen Agbede is also a political appointee at Ojodu Local Council Development Area of  the state.

Musiliu Akinsanya, also known as MC Oluomo also calls the shots in Oshodi Local Government.

Infact, he is next to the former state chairman of APC, Chief Henry Ajomale in the leadership hierarchy in Oshodi/Isolo Local Government.

Tinubu is in politics for transaction and not for service.

He is not fighting for the interest of the Yoruba land as he would have loved the world to believe. Tambuwal’s revelation was a tip of ice-berg.


Dabira Olorunfemi writes from Lagos