‘No Crisis In Edo ADC, We’re Fully On Course’ – State Chairman


The Chairman of  African Democratic Congress in Edo State, Hon. Jonathan Aifuobhokhan, has debunked a rumour making the rounds that the party in the state, particularly in Edo Central Senatorial Zone was engulfed in crisis.

In a release signed by him in his capacity as the State Chairman, the party was fully on course in the state. He maintained that those who were peddling the rumour of crisis were mischief makers who had no grain of knowledge about the strength and cohesion within the party and its Executives in all levels across the state.

Hon. Aifuobhokhan gave this hint in a response to a purported directive by certain elements that Barrister Vincent Okoawo has been suspended by the Edo Central Senatorial Zone and ceases to function as the Vice Chairman (Edo Central Senatorial Zone) of the party.

“Let me state unequivocally that the said directive has no strength in the Constitution of our party to rest upon,” Aifuobhokhan stated. Continuing, he said, “The question is, who suspended Barr Okoawo and his Exco members at the Edo Central or the State level? At what place and time was the decision taken?

“What allegations were they accused of to warrant their suspension?”

Clearing the air on the issue that it was a National Officer of the party that gave the suspension order and appointed Dr. Edward Okodugha, he said that the party’s Constitution did not recognise a unilateral suspension of anyone or a group of persons.

“Let me state that the leadership of any party is not by appointment, but by election through a laid down process. For that reason, no individual, whether they be National Officer or State, has the authority to suspended or appoint a political leader over a people. On the contrary, it is the people that choose who become their leader(s). Such individual(s) must have earned the trust of the people to make him/them their leader(s),” the Chairman maintained.

He noted that at no point was any decision taken to suspend the Edo Central Senatorial Executive, which therefore made no effect of the phantom appointment of Dr. Edward Okodugha and a few other mischief makers to cause disaffection within the party in Edo Central and the State in general. He thus urged members of the public to discountenance the purported rumour of a suspension of any of the executives, adding that  ADC was not for sale and not an ATM for anyone or a group of persons.

“Let me reiterate that our party is not for sale, neither is it an ATM for anybody or a group of persons. We are not also on a marathon race as is being mischievously speculated in some quarters. Anyone with such a belief is anti ADC and a clog in the wheel of progress. ADC is on a sprint race as a 3rd force, with the haste to deliver. The nation is on a halt, every sector is comatose, how can a party with a strong desire to bring a change to the state and nation be on a marathon in that regard?” Aifuobhokhan quizzed.

He assured members of the party to continue to strengthen their unflinching belief in ADC and stop listening to rumour mongers who were bent on bringing the party to disrepute.