LG Polls: Labour Party Asks Other Opposition Parties To Boycott Lagos Election Tribunals


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The Lagos State chapter of the Labour Party has called on other ten opposition political parties that fielded candidates in the July 22 local government election in Lagos State to boycott the election tribunals set up by Chief Judge of Lagos last week.

In a statement issued on Sunday  by the state chairman of the party, Pastor Biodun Popoola said the tribunals were part of the grand plans of the  All Progressives Congress, APC-controlled government to confer legitimacy on the alleged flawed election.

He said it is, “Another calculated and deliberate plan to confer legitimacy on the atrocious, criminal proceedings of the July 22 charade called election which was intentionally designed to destabilize the hopes and aspiration of Lagosians”.

Popoola continued, “Having watched the dastardly, wicked and satanic preemptive forceful overthrow of democracy as expressed by the desperate ruling party in Lagos “APC” during the last July 22 Local Council election and supported by the actions and inactions of the leadership and staff of LASIEC as well as the Nigerian Police, we are in no doubt as to the fact that the purported setting up of tribunals by the chief judge of Lagos State who incidentally is a sister to the chairman of LASIEC (Lagos State “Independent” Electoral Commission) is nothing but a farce deliberately advocated to legitimize the kidnapping of candidates, stealing of ballot boxes and shooting and maiming of poor vulnerable candidates who participated against the “evil wind’ called APC”

The party accused the Lagos State Government and LASIEC of colluding to frustrate high hopes of the electorate saying, “What would have been an historic affair in the life of our dear State with possibility of leaping over the juxtapositions of current paroxysm was made a wish wash melodrama by LASIEC beclouding ordinary human calculations.

“Indeed an exercise that should by all means have resulted into a glowing timeless light of progress for the state was thrown into the dust of political delinquency and criminality spiced up by gangster-ism and. absolute thuggery”.

The Labour party chairman said his party has lost confidence in the constituted tribunals alleging that their (tribunals) are already pre-determined.

“We therefore believe that going before any of the judges assigned to each TRIBUNAL will definitely end up in futility because unfortunately,  the progressive judges within the fold of the Lagos State judiciary were not enlisted for this noble cause for obvious reasons.

“Labour Party therefore calls on all the ten other political parties to boycott the tribunals as anything contrary will bring no good

“For all intent and purposes, It is an arrange election with arrange tribunals . Do not be fooled. This is an advocacy programmed to deceive the people, indeed an advocacy tailored towards morbidity even before it begins

“Do not confer legitimacy on their daylight robbery of the peoples’ mandate”, Popoola warns