Hate Speech Bill Is One Of The Craziest Ideas Ever – Oyedepo – Complete News

Bishop David Oyedepo

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has condemned the Hate Speech bill in the senate in strongest term describing it as one of the craziest ideas ever.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the Shiloh 2019 Tuesday night at Ota , Ogun State, the fiery preacher declared that the bill was dead on arrival.

Oyedepo insisted that no one can stop God’s servant from speaking asking why the government is not hanging killers but planning to hang hate speakers.  

He declared, “ Hate Speech Bill is one of the most crazy ideas ever. You say something truthful about them and they call it is hate speech?”

“You can’t silence a man of God because he is called by God. A prophet is answerable to God only, what God tells him he will say. You cannot stand for God and be a loser”.

“I don’t know if anyone loves Nigeria more than I do. Imagine they are not hanging killers, they want to hang ‘hate speakers’? Anyways , that is dead already, and if the wicked will not stop his wickedness , God will stop his wickedness .”

“So if you are wrong, they shouldn’t say you are wrong? If the road is bad, they cannot say the road is bad? You cannot silence a prophet.
“Are we going forward or backward as a nation? Are the roads better? So why are you not talking? Let’s join hands together and evil shall not prevail”.