Google Refocuses; Mulls Medical Research, Self Driving Cars Ventures

Larry Page, Google Co-Founder

Larry Page, Google Co-Founder

Google, the US technology company, is reorganising under a new moniker – Alphabet – in a move underscoring its founders’ ambitions to pursue ventures far beyond the company’s internet search core, from self-driving cars to cutting-edge medical research.

It will still use the Google name for its popular internet search engine, mapping service and related products.

However, Larry Page, Google’s CEO and co-founder, said on Monday the creation of the new holding company will provide more independence for divisions like Nest, which makes internet-connected home appliances, and Calico, which is researching ways to prolong human life.

Analysts said the move may also be an attempt to satisfy Wall Street’s demands for more fiscal accountability: As part of the reorganisation, Page said the company will begin reporting financial results by segments.

Google reported more than $14bn in profit on $66bn in sales last year, most of it from lucrative internet advertising, while other ventures have required large investments without showing immediate returns.

The company’s stock has surged in recent weeks after a new chief financial officer announced other moves to rein in corporate spending.