Entrepreneurship Series: Productivity Or Activity? By Prof. Emmanuel Ojo Ademola 


The view that productivity as a continuum of change or continuity could be proposed either intuitively or rationally as yielding a season of abundant outcomes or possibilities. In other words, productivity could be synonymous to theprofitability of ensuring productive engagement. It could include a field of full global engagement of entrepreneurship meeting stratagem in industrial strategy.

With productivity, a significant concern for nearly all the developing economies, there is a chance we recalibrated our approach to managing work and mulled over influence as opposed to activity. All have a similar ultimate objective: get more, and that is just the beginning, and then some – done in less time. Profitability hacks can likewise be translated as social updates that the clock is ticking, an inexorably qualifiable yield as to being measured, and currently anticipated that would work whenever and anyplace. The shrouded message is that just doing work is not sufficient in itself. Without enhancing effectiveness, employability could be deserted merely.

Be that as it may, is this indeed the case? Isn’t profitability indeed about accomplishing more work or is it about improving work done? On this account, here are a couple of recommendations that will enable an individual to enhance the nature of productivity instead of fixating on theamount or concentrating unnecessarily on what the economy has chosen not to offer:

  1. Keep in mind: Being stressfully busied is not a symbol of Respect

It is anything but awkward to mistake efficiency for action. On a shallow level, being occupied can be an exceptionally fulfilling substitute for doing the exercises that expectindividuals to deactivate autopilot mechanism and begin to consider a productive means of achieving outcomes. It could turn out to be typical to ‘stock’ the work an individual does instead of the yields from it as an outcome. The perceived answer to out-of-hours messages to demonstrate full engagement with the market sphere should fully entail dedication. It is not an issue for superfluous gatherings since the preference proffer not to look troublesome or apathetic.

Being occupied can be seen by numerous as some unreasonable symbol of respect and, therefore, pushing back against this can be troublesome. The whole notion is for an individual to go at being more vital about how to invest energy on being productive. It is more of being open and maintain anhonest relationship with others in the space of productivity. A citizen who aspires to be profitable should be straightforward with self about what’s truly essential. A standout amongst the most profitable items an individual need to invest remains broadly in anarea where energy in use could move with the thoroughly engaging with associated consideration. In other words, energy should be shrewdly contributed to liberating the economy in individuals.

  1. Eyeball to eyeball on conference calls

At the point when the world’s most calling organisation, InterCall, led an inquire about the need to populate the mindset of engaging productivity, it discovered that over sixty percent of their clients confessed to taking a shot at different exercises while maintaining a quiet mode on a telephone or internet call.

Telephone calls can be ungainly disturbing as well as gaily helpful. Moreover, itis well, could as well demonstrate that without eye to eye connection, discussions could be significantly less prone to have the compassion required for a fruitful trade.

For an enabling accentuation of productivity, there should be aneed for supplanting telephone or internet calls with video conferencing. The virtual human torch could liberate the real elements for improving productivity.

  1. Set the mind on liberating mode

With the liberal skills of standardising the lingering exercises, for example, hopping down a YouTube, for instance, awormhole can be counterproductive.  It could be a sound to measure the reflection that could empower memory solidification and permit non-direct associations with theframe.  It is not a procrastination instead of a bringing a fresh point of view to engage with thegainfulutilisation of the technology that enables productivity.

Probably the most beneficial personalities ever – any semblance of Einstein, Nietzsche, Darwin and Dickens – all trusted in the energy of giving the mind a chance to meander. Calendar, two or three hours of continuous accentuation of the theory that could be helpful in business, might be a useful synergy for successful entrepreneurship.

  1. Disengage from mere watching

Successful entrepreneurs have recommended that for productivity to thrive, aspiring entrepreneur might neglect the cutting-edge screening approach.  In other words, it might be profitable to consider an adequate reproduction of the material feel of perusing on paper.  Get used to engaging with the hardcopy.

Furthermore, such an engagement approach like this could keep per users from exploring long messages in a beautiful and instinctive path. It could prompt the challenges that can unpretentiously influence perusing perception. By contrast, perusing on screens may likewise deplete an intellectual asset and make it harder to recollect what hasbeen perused when they were done.

  1. Show signs of improvement at being attentive

Specialists say we are quite recently not worked to be great at tuning in for an entire assortment of reasons. We are hereditarily designed to swap stories, which is the reason we interfere. We do not feel good with feelings, so we abstain from concentrating on another person’s too intently. We’d much rather discuss ourselves, so we endeavour to surge the talker along. Every one of these things adds to an absence of tuning in. It could be an opposing view to taking in the detail of what somebody is stating as he or shetalks. The question could arise, how frequently would this continue in developing a reaction?It is about the culture of undivided attention. It is an embracing synergy for entrepreneurship; carefully paying attention to every detail, it is an acceptablemethod. It is an approach that gives room for adequate preparation and intelligent planning.  Turn to an analytical agility to beat impulses and give the talker full focus. It could be the way to go as the outcomes could be merely exemplary or not probably unusual.


Emmanuel Ojo Ademola is a Professor, BCS &CMI Subject Matter Expert and BCS Approved Fellowship Assessor. He is also the Trademark Owner of Power-Age Management Consulting, a UK-based consortium