Domestic Violence: Unveiling The Real Louis Mbanefo; Scoop On His Antics


Nike Fajemironkun and Louis Mbanfo

Following the exclusive story of how Mr Louis Mbanefo kicked out his heavily pregnant wife, Kike Fajemirokun and dragged her to court to take custody of their child barely a year after their wedding, CompleteNews has scooped more facts about the man in the eye of the storm, Mbanefo.

Findings by this medium revealed that there are more to what the public knew about the suave Louis Mbanefo.

A reliable source while confirming the story published by this medium,  asked the public to wearied of Mbanefo whom he described as callous maverick with innocent countenance.

According to the source, it is not uncommon to see grown-up children of influential, wealthy people exhibiting mean behaviour because they had never struggle in life.

“I perfectly understand the plight of my beloved sister, Kike Fajemirokun. It is common with most men who rode to prominence and fortune on the crest of their parents’ wealth and stature.

“Unfortunately, a man can inherit his father’s wealth but not his worth. This shows clearly that greatness is not transferable. Everyone must prove his mettle, background notwithstanding.

“The patriarch of the Mbanefo dynasty labored to build a name that remains a great asset till day but unfortunately Louis is fast eroding those worthy legacies”, the source who is very closed to Mbanefo told our correspondent.

One of the estranged friends of Mbanefo who also contacted Complete News on Monday confirmed what this newspaper gathered saying the calm countenance of Mr Mbanefo was a decoy to veil his deep-seated animosity.

He disclosed,  “Even as friends, we are very cautious in dealing with him. Many would could not accommodate his excesses have ended their friendship with him.

“Unfortunately, until you get closer to Louis that you will get to know who he is. Even at TOTAL where he works, many are oblivious of his person.

“I am most pained because his grandfather (Sir Louis Mbanefo Snr, a fine gentleman, a Cambridge University trained lawyer who is also regarded as the first lawyer from Eastern part of Nigeria) has built a name which he (Louis) is bringing into disrepute.

“He is abusive and arrogant. He is a wolf is sheep clothing.

“Sadly, the mother was the force behind Louis’ untoward behavior. She finds a willing tool in her son to wedge war against perceived enemies.

“She used him as puppet and Madam Mbanefo was also trying to portray her family in superior light while using religion as guise”.

The estranged friend who pleaded not to be named also alleged that Mbanefo reviled people who are smarter than him and could do anything to deter them from hitting their goals.